UAR2205: A Module on Narrative and Interactive Media

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Interactive Fiction/Hypertext Fiction VS Narrative

My my.. I must do really admit its a real long reading...
The two forms mainly differ due to definition and I feel that Montfort is making use of definitions to make his stand about their distinction.
I think its really hard to clearly say if the distinction is well defined. I think I would say that the difference is just mainly due to perceptives.
Hypertext fiction as I feel it to be is quite related to interactive fiction as it facilitates the 'movement of the reader' within the story. To me, I felt that hypertext is just an improvement to interactive fiction where this 'movement' is highly faciliated.
This is I think the basis of hypertext's relation to interactive fiction. I feel that Montfort's points are right but he did not touch on the basis. The fundamental idea is similar and that it is only these fine details that laymen readers will overlook. In fact, does this overlook really result in such a clear distinction?
In general I do believe hypertext fiction improves interactivity and I feel that it is only with the completion of the story do we feel that hypertext fiction differs from Interactive fiction and thereby reduces narrativity. Anyway the jumping around the chapters in a way is narrative right? As the reader is creating his own narration. =)


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